quiltIn recognition of the commemorative nature of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, muslin quilt squares 6″x6″ may be purchased before or at the event to honor the lives of loves ones lost to AIDS, the work of AIDS activists, caregivers, and medical professionals, or to share thoughts about the pandemic.  They will be displayed in the main theater during the show, sewn into finished 6’x6′ panels and then submitted for inclusion in the AIDS Memorial Quilt, now the size of 30 football fields and weighing over 60 tons.

Each Quilt Square costs $5.

Instructions:  You will receive a 8″x8″ square which will measure 6″x6″ when finished.  Leave around 2″ at the edge for finishing.  Use permanent marker, paint, or sew on applique.

Bring the finished square with you to the event or mail it to:

Susan MacNeil
95 Rockingham St
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

Pay with your credit card (preferred) below or by check (Made Payable to: APSV) and the muslin square will be mailed via USPS to you.

Quilt Square Options